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Gayo Highlands, The Sumatran Hidden Paradise

Gayo Highland Tour in Aceh Province of Indonesia

The Gayo Highlands consist of the mountainous central part of Aceh, The Gayo Highland concentrated around a lake of river valley and are bordered by high, forested mountain slopes. Explore Sumatran Rainforest, travel, hike, holiday, flowers and wildlife. Discover the most beautiful lansdcape and adventure.

These tribes of Aceh province have unique culture and tradition, Gayo is the most predominant tribe to have these unique culture. Traditional dances are a great way to explore the beauty and history of Gayo

Indonesia is the fourth largest exporter of coffee beans in the world, and Aceh is one of the biggest coffee producer is able to produce approximately 40% Arabica coffee beans premium level of total coffee harvest in Indonesia.

The Gayo started growing market products, especially Gayo coffee, as one of the best coffee in the world. Gayo coffee aroma and flavor very distinctive. Most of the existing coffee left a bitter taste on the tongue, unique characteristics that are known by the term “heavy body and light acidity”

 Sumatran Elephant Visit
 Gayo Coffee Education Trip
 Gayo Agrotourism
 Umah Pitu Ruang
 Putri Pukes Cave
 Lut Tawar Lake
 Pantan Terong

 Rafting

"Opuh Ulen-ulen" with wonderful Lut Tawar Lake of Gayo Highland

You can join our Gayo Highland Tour in Aceh Province of Sumatra and connect within Gayo Alas Mountain International Festival 2018 will start from 14th September until 24 November 2018. Our tours are tailor-made – the itineraries shown are suggestions based on our deep knowledge, or we can work with you to create your trip for your unique requirements, interests, and capabilities.

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