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Indrayani is one of our tour leader and also as the director of Remote Sumatra Tour

Yani has concentrated her travel activities within the Remote Sumatra region, studying the culture, tradition, custom and building an intimate knowledge of community bassed tourism and also as the director of Remote Sumatra Tour. For several years now she has been sharing the amazing Sumatran culture and other best nature spot with visitors from overseas who never fail to be impressed by the natural history and stunning scenery on offer, all of course delivered with a smile. Aceh particularly captured her imagination and she has spent much time learning the language and immersing herself in the rich cultures, amazed by the nature, amazing culture of the local people, and the Sumatran way of life. She is a regular support Aceh Birder ( to explore remote area in Sumatra. Yani has more than a passing interest in the culture of the region, and is attempting to see all of Sumatra's culture and nature, and delights in sharing her knowledge of them with others.

Agus Nurza is one of our tour leader expert 
Agus is a Veterinarian by profession and started off as a birdwatcher based in Aceh province of Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. He is very interesting to see wildlife and nature. Since 2007, Agus involved in studies on ecology and distribution of various bird species and also published numerous reports and papers. He is also an accomplished bird photographer and continues to explore new sites on Sumatra in search of endemic birds. He is a talented bird photographer with a particular interest in capturing the many photographed birds in Sumatra. He has more than a passing interest in the wildlife and is attempting to see all megafauna of Sumatra. Bird-surveying and guiding throughout the Indonesia region and in particular Sumatra. Agus also as one of the co-authors of The 100 Best Birdwatching Sites in Southeast Asia edited by Yong Ding Li and Low Bing Wen, 2016. Publications articles, viewable here or see below of page. He enjoys sharing his passion for birds via his FaceBook, tours and workshops. Some of his birds images on Oriental Bird Club: Oriental Bird Images  

Intan Devia Sary is one of our tour leader in Gayo Highland 
Intan is a young girl who has strong passion for adventure. Intan earned her bachelor's degree from Sahid Institute of Tourism Jakarta in 2016 . she is focus on Development Of Community Based Tourism in Aceh-Sumatra especially in Conservation Response Unit (CRU) DAS Peusangan Bener Meriah Regency. Accorrding to her Community based tourism is a concept that concern to develop rural area to be a tourism attraction and involve the local communities to have the authority to manage and develop their own regions. It also gives the opportunity to the local to improve their welfare and sustain the local culture and natural resources. She also cares very much about rare animals like elephants. she really likes elephants, because of her courage to adapt to the elephant she got the title as the "elephants  mother".